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Technical Assistance (Website Software and Design)
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Jessica is a former comic writer and artist of a comic most people have never heard of, unsurprisingly, since it was published in a magazine that had a circulation of about 10 people, who, most likely read it then tossed it away and to be fair, she doesn't blame them.
More noted for her artistic (and press) photography, she runs a photography company. She would like mention that she has served time for her more musical travesties as part of bands signed to her own Hung Teddy Records.
She is also a rather accomplished programmer, being quite the dab hand at code, she met her partner, via a design request for the comic website and now they live happy together in the north east of England. Jessica is also wiccan.
Currently in it's 21st incarnation, the Gilbert and the Grim Rabbit site now runs her own webcomic platform, nekoKitsune, that is soon to be finalised and made available for the use of all.
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