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"Comics Commando" -- a nickname given to him by a DC Comics editor for his timely delivery of deadline work.
Awards Judged:-
None yet, but happy to play a part in this important endeavor.
Owner/operator of Cartoon Balloons Studio -- a graphics studio serving
many comics creators.

Kurt Hathaway studied art& design at the prestigious Rhode Island
School of Design (RISD) and studied film and screenwriting at New York
University’s world-famous film department.


He’s been a comics freelancer for 25 years. His client list reads like a
who's who of publishers: DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, Eclipse, Malibu,
and tons of others. He has thousands of lettering credits including two
for Newsweek and Esquire magazines.

He also letters the webcomics “Master Jesus” and “Chicago 1968” both
written by Len Kody.

In addition to lettering and logos, Kurt Hathaway’s Cartoon Balloons
Studio does custom font design, page/book/magazine design, pre-press
(setting up press files for the printer), animated motion graphics for
video projects, writing, and freelance editing.

He’s written material for Image Comics, DC Comics, Antarctic Press,
Electronic Arts Playstation Division, and ABC/Disney Television.He’s
currently writing the comic series “Dawn of the Dread Force” for Jaran

He's also writing several series of informative articles about print
comics production for the Webcomics Community website.
Online Samples
His studio promo video
His Motion Graphics reel
His Editing Reel
A short web-comic
Life Meter Comics

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