Welcome to the page for the Webcomic List Awards 2010. This is the second year of the awards, which run annually in November and December.

Following the cancellation of the Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards in 2009, several regulars on the Webcomic List forums suggested that someone else take up the mantle, and that maybe it could be us. A committee was formed, judges were recruited from the worlds of both web and print comics, and the awards were born! Imagine lightning and someone cackling “it's alive!” if you like. It helps.

The site designer was so sure that everything was running well that she was having a bath right up until five minutes before the site went live. She won't be doing that again this year.

The 2010 awards schedule has now been confirmed and nominations will be open from Monday the 8th of November until Monday the 20th of December and the awards ceremony will be going live on the 31st of January (which is also, not coincidentally, a Monday).

Anyone involved in creating comics, either in print or on the web can nominate up to three comics for each award. They may not nominate their own comics or comics by people involved in Awards (as judges or committee members) or which any member of the Webcomic List full-time site or forum staff (past or current) have been involved in.

The confirmed awards for this year are:

Best Comic
Best Black and White Art
Best Colour Art
Best Non-Traditional Art
Best New Comic
Best Writing
Best Gag-a-day Comic
Best Longform Comic
Best Character

More information will be coming soon.

Click here to see the awards for last year.

Wendy Wood

(Committee Head)

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The Webcomic List Awards site is designed and maintained by Jessica Ottowell, who also did the nomination form for this year.

Posted by :- Wendy Wood

Posted on :- Friday, 13th August 2010 :: Last updated on :- Friday, 13th August 2010